London in bloom: a taste of Japan

Ok, just listen to me and picture this for a second. You wake up one morning, get out of bed, make yourself a nice coffee, open the window and all of a sudden you see it: spring has arrived in London. After months of cold dark winter the sun is finally shining, trees have startedContinue reading “London in bloom: a taste of Japan”

Florence walking tour – City guide

I know we all want to go back to travel, but as much as I’d like to be on a plane right now I am aware the responsible thing to do is just hang tight and wait for clearer waters. So what do we do in the meantime? We travel in time, of course, andContinue reading “Florence walking tour – City guide”

Why I’ve booked a flight ticket and didn’t feel guilty about it

Only a few weeks ago I had written this blog post about all the new year resolutions to be a more conscious traveller, one of them being avoiding flights, and here I am at the very beginning of the year with a flight ticket in my hands. Did I consider all the different options beforeContinue reading “Why I’ve booked a flight ticket and didn’t feel guilty about it”

5 things you can’t miss when you visit Alicante

Alicante, in the Valencian community, is the eighth largest metropolitan area of Spain and hosts one of the most important Spanish ports for cruises. But what are the main attractions you really can’t miss when you visit this side of Spain? 1. Alicante and the “Explanada de EspaƱa” When you arrive in the city, theContinue reading “5 things you can’t miss when you visit Alicante”

Best brunch spots in Melbourne

Australia’s bushfires are, and should be, the main concern of everybody in the world wherever they are. One way of helping Australians battle this disastrous climate change right now is to go visit them, to make sure tourism still flows and they get the money they need to rescue the land, the animals and theContinue reading “Best brunch spots in Melbourne”