Plan the perfect UK escape: 7 Things Not To Miss in Kent Downs

This whole COVID situation has definitely messed up all my travel plans in the last year and a half, but it also allowed me to travel to places that I would have probably not even considered otherwise. This time we only had three days and, given the uncertainty of travel allowances constantly changing, we decidedContinue reading “Plan the perfect UK escape: 7 Things Not To Miss in Kent Downs”

Unique Stays: sleep in a stable at the Coach House

The Coach House is a complex in Sittingbourne in the Kent Downs. The structure includes the main house where Beatrice and Graham, the owners, live, two parking spaces for caravans and / or tents, the Loft and the Stable. I have spent two nights at the Stable in the north section and, let me tellContinue reading “Unique Stays: sleep in a stable at the Coach House”

Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve

If there’s one thing that had an effect on me after the past year and a half, is the desire to travel to more open spaces and get in touch with nature on a whole new level. This is why, when I was planning my holidays in Kent AONB last month, I ended up choosingContinue reading “Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve”

The Twig Wagon – One night in a converted horse box

A recurrent dream of mine is to rent a van and make it my home for a few months. A bit unrealistic, if you consider I don’t even own a driving license. The good news is nowadays there are plenty of options for you to live the “van life” without actually having to rent aContinue reading “The Twig Wagon – One night in a converted horse box”

London in bloom: a taste of Japan

Ok, just listen to me and picture this for a second. You wake up one morning, get out of bed, make yourself a nice coffee, open the window and all of a sudden you see it: spring has arrived in London. After months of cold dark winter the sun is finally shining, trees have startedContinue reading “London in bloom: a taste of Japan”